Black Lotus Coalition Welcomes you!

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Who are the Black Lotus Coalition?

 This is a common question quickly growing among firearm enthusiasts. To simply put they are group of well talented people from hobbyists to trained engineers who wish to put their collective effort in designing and developing intriguing concepts and builds. Ranging from dedicated 3d printed builds to awe inspiring art, their work is growing and spreading rapidly.

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Photographer Atomsk


Credit: BadCad

Moderator Gage

What are their goals?

This group was formed in the hopes to provide inspiration and a safe place to express oneself without judgment and hate. To allow anyone and everyone to speak from the heart and dream from the mind. It is the act of freedom of expression through design. 

Where do i follow the group?

If you wish to follow the group, feel free to check on these multiple links that will direct you to their social media. This is a journey that has only recently started, Hurry to jump on board because this story is going to be one exciting one. It will be remembered for many years to come.

One of their greatest put forth efforts is the creation of Glock Art which is an art form that is growing fast in popularity.


Other projects they put a lot of work in is, custom firearm builds from weird adaptations to just 3d printable versions of modern designs. 

They also devote their time in developing new inventions in both accessories and firearms. Something that perhaps will make a great impact on the world. 

What kind of projects are they working on?

There are many projects in the works, and many more constantly being added. These projects range from custom frames or as others say remixed frames all the way to completely new inventions that the world have never seen. As time goes on many ideas are born and the Black Lotus Coalition are always on the front with the willingness to tackle the unfathomable, Unimaginable, and the Impossible’s.  

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