"Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not." - Robert Kennedy

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A new product developed to fill a role of convenience not speed, something for many people who want to load Glock magazines with ease without struggle.  To Learn more about the convenient loader check out the blog to read and view facts about this new product

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Proudly working alongside a fast-growing group known as the black lotus coalition who help design, develop, and test many new products that will be available as time progresses. To see some of their work please check them out. 



What is innovation by definition? To make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. If you’re looking for something unique in design and functionality then look no further. Through Rios Innovations we will offer tested and proven designs using the latest in computer aided drafting technology to reach our goals. 

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