Paper Cartridge Former Kit

Introducing the Rios Innovations Paper Cartridge Former – a revolutionary new tool that makes it easy to create high-quality paper cartridges for your black powder firearms.

This innovative device features a roller that allows you to feed paper into it and roll it up, creating a tube without hassle. The roller has an O-ring that provides a firm grip on the paper, eliminating the need to fold the paper over a mandrel.

The roller also has a gap where the flap can be easily folded over and a hard surface to apply glue ensuring that your cartridges are secure and consistent. 

Additionally, there is a slot available to place a base layer that center aligns the base over the cartridge, ensuring that the cartridge is perfectly formed and ready to use.

Please note that there is a video demonstration available below showcasing how to use the paper cartridge former for optimal results. If the video is not available feel free to contact us so that we can fix the issue.

Additionally, the paper cartridge former can also work with cigarette paper. Simply use the actual block as a measurement tool and place it on the cigarette paper as shown. Any excess hanging off the block is considered the flap area for glue. Then, use scissors to cut as shown and repeat the process to create another wall. Once both walls are cut out, the remaining little rectangle can be cut in half to become the bases. It is recommended to use sodium silicate for gluing, as it can be difficult to use a glue stick due to how delicate cigarette paper can be.

The same method can be used for all calibers, including .44, .36, and .31. Simply use the  block as a measurement tool and cut the paper accordingly to create the walls and bases for the paper cartridge.

"Variety of Calibers: Left - 31 Caliber, Center - 36 Caliber, Right - 44 Caliber"

Whether you are a seasoned black powder shooter or a newcomer to the hobby, the Rios Innovations Paper Cartridge Former is an essential tool that will make the process of creating paper cartridges faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.


So why wait? Order your Rios Innovations Paper Cartridge Former today and experience the convenience and precision of our innovative design.


Note: This product description is completed with the assistance of ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI.