Disposable Ammo Box

Our new cardstock ammo box – for those who want to store their ammunition safely and sustainably! Made from eco-friendly and durable cardstock material, this box is easy to assemble and can be easily disposed of when no longer needed. And if you want to reuse it, it takes up very little space when empty.

These boxes are very space-efficient! When empty, ten of our cardstock ammo boxes take up barely half the space of a single 50-round plastic box. This means you can store a large quantity of boxes in a small space, making it perfect for storing and ready to use when needed. 

 And to help keep you even more organized, each box comes with a simple 2-sided reloading label that can be stored inside the box.

To make the assembly process as easy as possible for our customers, we’ve created an instructional video that walks you through the assembly process step by step. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or new to the sport, our cardstock ammo box is a practical and reliable choice for storing your ammunition.

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